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Saturday, 15 July 2017

Babylonian Origin Of Christmas!

How X'mas Originated?

The Babylonian Roots

Christmas is a day for the celebration of  Jesu's birth. Then what is the relationship between X'mas and December 25th?

There is no evidence in the Holy Bible for the birthday of Jesus Christ. If we analyze the theology of bible we can understand that the "December 25th is not the birthday of Jesus Christ.

The month December is winter in Judea. We can see that Magpies sat outside at night by keeping their sheep in the time of birth of Jesus. In Judea Magpies are spending their time with sheep at outside until October last due to extreme snow and cold of winter. Therefore the opinion for the birth of Christ is at the last of December is not Truth. The December Climate of Judea is not same as we getting in our Region.

 The Roman Government will not take the  Authority and Administrative level decisions without the comfort of their Citizens. The winter of Judea is not comfortable for the journey therefore everybody including pregnant women and babies cannot go to their own cities for Registering their name in the Government Records. The Climate of December month of Judea is unbearable than other Regions.

While reading the Gospels we can understand that a 'Citizen Name  Registration process' occurred in the time of birth of Jesus. Therefore no evidence to prove that the birth of Jesus occurred in the dangerous winter season having no transport facility.

After complete analysis the famous architecture Mr. Joseph Mead said that in the
period of birth of Jesus every person went to their own cities for tax payment. Someone had a long trip. Therefore Judea Winter season were not comfortable for pregnant women and babies.

So, the birth of Jesus was not at the middle of winter. See (Mead’s works 1672, Discourse 48). According to that another famous architectures including Barnes Doddridge, Lite Foot, Joseph Scaliger, and Sand Jennings also proves that the birth of Jesus was not in December.

No one heard about the day of Christmas until 3rd century. But Roman Church celebrates December 25th as the birth of Jesus. What is its source?

In December 25th, Babylonian pageants will usually celebrate the birthday of son of Sky Goddess of Babylon known as the Avatar of Horus. The Pageants called this day "The Birthday of Victor Sun God". At the same time in Egypt a celebration occurred in the name of birthday of son of Eisistis.

There is another name for X'mas that is "Yule Day" this name is also come from pageants of Babylon. The Kaldaya word "Yule" means baby. Before the spreading of Christian religion in Great Britton the pageants of their known as "Anglo-Saxoncar" celebrated December 25 as Yule Day and its previous night as "Mother's night". (Sharon’s Turner's Anglo-Saxons' Vol 1, P. 219) .

This celebration originated from Babylon and celebrated in different names. The X'mas tree is also a product of Babylon. Babylonian Pageants that the mother (Sky Goddess) of Adonis became a tree due to a power and delivered her son (Ovid’s Metam Lib X,V.500-513) .
Babylonian Pageants believed that if the mother is tree then the branch is son they also believed that the Avatar of Sun described here, came after the death of Nimrod (Husband of Babylonian Queen
Semiramis). The Queen Semiramis of Babylon delivered a son by illegal way and she said to the Nation that the abuse baby is the re-birth Avatar of their died Gog; Nimrod. To denote this pageants
used Trees and branches. Roman Catholic Church named this tree as Christmas tree.

Therefore "X'mas is not the Birthday of Jesus Christ. The Roman Church combined The Babylonian traditions and converted Christian religion into the religion of Pageants to attract pageants and to enhance the power of administration and to upgrade political power. It is the celebration of Horus! It is the birthday of Nimrod! It is the day of Gods of Babylonian Pageants.
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Thursday, 25 May 2017

WannaCry Ransomware Attack

Ransomware are the Malicious Programs used to generate money by hacking the Computer Systems.
When the Computer files affects WannaCry Ransomware, the hackers will ask money from the Victim to decrypt the encrypted files by WannaCry.

Usually, BitCoins are used to collect Payment from the Victim hence the Proof or Destination cannot be detected.

This Ransomware is too dangerous than WannaCry Ransomware Verison 1.0.
 This Program will affect the Vulnerable and Not-updated Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. It also affects working of ATMs.

The possible Solutions are the following:

Update the Windows OS regularly.
Use Original Windows OS.
Update Anti-Virus programs regularly.
Consider buying Paid Anti-Virus Software.
Do not open any kind of attachments of Spam Mails.
Never open the files received via email from unknown or unauthorized sources.

"The next Generation War  is Cyber War" be beware of it.
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Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Pastor of Assemblies of God (AG) Church, Kuttichal, TVM (AGMDC) in 2017

Current Pastor of AG Church, Kuttichal

Pr. Gilbert Sam took official charge as the Pastor of A.G Church  Kuttichal (A.G Aryandau Section).

Pastor Gilbert Sam was Graduated from Bethel Bible College, Punalur, Kollam, Kerala (Malayalam District Council). He is doing his work very effectively. Now the new change and glorious revival evolved from the Sermons done by our Respected Pastor, Gilbert Sam.

He is very expert in taking decisions in the Church Committees. CA, WMC, Church Committee, Sunday's School, and other Assemblies of God activities are running very effectively in our Church.

[Update Soon]

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Monday, 8 May 2017

Trivandrum Library Software for Bible Colleges / Seminaries @9500

Library Management Web Application is a Web App used to locate the shelf no.of the Books placed on the stack of the Library. 

Any book placed among the thousands of titles can be easily identified. 
For example, the Books written by William Shakespeare can be found of by typing like 'William', 'Mid Summer', 'Macbeth' etc.

You can give the core keywords / tags dealing with the book for Searching & Founding the Book.

This is made up of 21st Century DDC (Dewey Decimal Classification)

You can generate the Printed Catelogues very quickly. It supports UTF-8 Encoding.Multimedia items can be also inserted in the Web Application (Including PDFs/Ebooks).

This Application supports Networking. The Web Application can be hosted on the Main Computer
and the Clients can fetch the Web Application. The main computer is under the control of the Admin or the Librarian.

If a person lent a book, we can identify those who lent a book and those who have fine.
Library Wallet can be maintained for giving punishment fee from the Clients.

The records of fund raised for the working of the Library can be recorded with this Application.

With this Web App, Unique Barcode can be generated for the books which does not have a Barcode.

This Application is suitable for Theological and Secular Institutions. Cost: Rs. 9500 + TA Only. 
The LAN Charge is Additional (If needed).
Contact Details:

Call: 7356 1941 74. Email:

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Thursday, 15 December 2016

Freelance Web Developer in Trivandrum

Freelance Web Designer / Website / Web App Developer in Trivandrum

Experienced Web App and Web Developer in Trivandrum

Experience in Web development field since 2014

Meet Mr. Jithu Wilson C, Kattakada, Trivandrum. He is the Freelance Web developer intended in Web Programming.
You can hire him for developing websites and web applications for your firm anytime.
You don't need to find any other person from your district because he has ultimate web programming skills.
The major web programming languages that Mr. Jithu Wilson C handles:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • Boostrap
  • JS
  • .Net
  • XML
  • It goes on...
He is also a Software programmer.

Working Time: As you wish.

He is expert in responsive designing. He hates building web apps or websites using the web builder.
He is writing the whole programming code by hand therefore while browsing the websites with different devices, different view will be obtained wiz Mobile Friendly.

He is Expert in:

  • SEO
  • Responsive Designing (Mobile Friendly)
  •  Marketting
  • Key logging
  • Building Ecom Websites
  • Ad scene 
  • Payment Gateway Integration for Ecom sites

 His Actual location is Kuttichal, a rustic village near Malavila, Kottoor Forest.


The programming charges are different based on Website / Web App .

Contact Details:

Mobile Phone : 7356 1941 74      
Email               :

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Thursday, 8 December 2016

Instamojo Payment Gateway Integration in PHP

Integrate Payment Gateway of Instamojo using PHP and MySql

Basic PHP script to handle Instamojo RAP webhook.
error_reporting(E_ALL ^ E_DEPRECATED); //Removal of DEPRECATED warning
        $servername = "";
        $username = "205sdgghre";                    
        $password = "*************";
        $database="2051690_276e"; //database name
           // Create connection
        $conn = new mysqli($servername, $username, $password, $database);

        // Check connection
        if ($conn->connect_error)
            die("Connection failed: " . $conn->connect_error);
        echo "Connected successfully";
$data = $_POST;
$mac_provided = $data['mac'];  // Get the MAC from the POST data
unset($data['mac']);  // Remove the MAC key from the data.
$ver = explode('.', phpversion());
$major = (int) $ver[0];
$minor = (int) $ver[1];
if($major >= 5 and $minor >= 4){
     ksort($data, SORT_STRING | SORT_FLAG_CASE);
     uksort($data, 'strcasecmp');
// You can get the 'salt' from Instamojo's developers page(make sure to log in first):
// Pass the 'salt' without <>
$mac_calculated = hash_hmac("sha1", implode("|", $data), "<salt>");












if($mac_provided == $mac_calculated)

    if($data['status'] == "Credit")
        // Payment was successful, mark it as successful in your database.
        // You can acess payment_request_id, purpose etc here.
       $query="INSERT INTO `sales_order` (`id`, `user`, `age`) VALUES (NULL, '$buyer', '45');";
       $result = mysqli_query($conn,$query);
            echo "New record created successfully";

     //   if ($conn->query($sql) === TRUE)
       // {
         //   echo "New record created successfully";
        //} else
          //  echo "Error: " . $sql . "<br>" . $conn->error;
             //   }
        // Payment was unsuccessful, mark it as failed in your database.
        // You can acess payment_request_id, purpose etc here.
    echo "MAC mismatch";
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Semester 3 Model Exam 9/12/2016 Paper for BCA at VICAS Kattakada

S3 BCA Model Exam Subject on 09/December/2016 at Vigyan College of Applied Sciences, Kattakada

Programming in JAVA model exam will be held on 09/12/2016. It is the last Semester 3 Model Exam.
The 15 Marks essay questions may be:

  1. Control Structures in Java and Operators in Java
  2. Multithreading in Java
  3. Exception Handling in Java 
  4. Features or Characteristics of JAVA
 Any of these questions are sure on both model and Kerala University B.C.A / Bsc Computer Science / MCA / Msc Computer Science / CSE Examinations.

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Friday, 26 February 2016

[Solved] This app has been blocked for your protection - D-link net setter in Windows 10

An Administrator has blocked you from running this app for your protection error in D-Link Net setter or Dongle in Windows 10

This app has been blocked for your protection - D-link net setter in Windows 10

Run D-link netsettter in Windows 10 without an Administrator account

If you are using Windows 10 Operating System you may have experienced the error: This app has been blocked for your protection - D-link USB net setter.

Actually D-Link USB dongle firmware does not have any security issues but the failure in the Trusted Digital Certificate may be the cause.

If you install this firmware in any other Operating System which is older than 10, you may did not have encounter this issue.

It is not a good idea to downgrade to another Operating System due to this issue. Our solution regarding to "This app has been blocked for your protection"
is very easy compared to another solutions posted in other websites (Excluding Microsoft Technet/MSDN/Social).

If you follow these steps, yo do not need to create an Administrator account to fix this issue.


1. Download the file: D-link USB Modem CMD and unzip it.

2. Open the unzipped file with Notepad or WordPad.

3.  Change the letter E: to your drive letter which denotes D-Link USB dongle drive location            
    (You    can  find it in ‘This PC’).

    The line: StartModem.exe is the main executable file used to run the firmware (containing in the     net setter drive)
You can find your Drive letter and executable file name by right clicking and opening on the D-link USB net setter (from it's icon) in the Windows Explorer.

  Then take the file you have opened in notepad (in step 3) and Change the Letter E to your
  Dlink  net   setter’s default drive letter and also change the StartModem.exe line to your default file
  name you found when opening the Dlink USB Dingle drive in Windows Explorer.

4. Save the file after doing Step 8.

5. Now right click on the file you have saved in Step 3 and Select Run as Administrator.

    The Command Prompt Will Open. Now the Command Prompt will close and the D-link Dongle application will run automatically.

Sometimes the drive letter may change when you insert the USB drives in the USB port so you have to change the letter each time like you did in Step 10 whenever you need use the Dlink USB Modem.

Call us our 24x7 Customer Care: +91 7356194174 for any assistance regarding “this app has been blocked for your protection - D-link net setter in Windows 10”.

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Sunday, 17 January 2016

Fix Untrusted Connection when browse Google in Firefox 41.0b9

How to solve Untrusted Connection when browsing Google in Firefox 41.0b9 browser


 This Connection is untrusted in Firefox when browsing Google
  Fix Untrused Connection in Firefox
  Unable to open in Mozilla Firefox - Untrusted Connection
  How to solve Untrusted Connection when browsing Google in Mozilla Firefox

 Please not that the instructions sharing in this article is against your security. We are providing this information because the domain or is 100% safe. Do not apply this instructions to open Non-secured websites. Beware when browsing and log-in the sites which does not have SSL Certificate.

This is the error message:
This connection is untrusted Error Message

Type about:support in Firefox web browser's address bar as mentioned in the picture below then  press Enter key
Support page-This connection is untrusted in Firefox
Opening Support Page

  Scroll down and Click on Show Folder (Profile Folder) listed under Application Basics

Application Basics of Troubleshooting Page

When the folder opens, Close the Mozilla Firefox window and delete the file named cert8
(if you have already enabled 'Show File extension' option recently, this file's name may be cert8.db)

this connection is untrusted error solution-delete file named cert8.db

After doing this again open Firefox, if the problem persists, disable the Network/Web security shield option of your Antivirus software.
Open the webpage using Firefox, you can enter into the Website without any issue.

Please Comment this article. Your opinions are important to fix Untrusted Connection issues showing in Firefox.
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Saturday, 9 January 2016

(Solved) How to remove Malicious threat affected in Windows virus removal solution for Microsoft Windows Operating System users. Malicious Removing Solution

 More technical details about Malicious domain

Infection: URL:Mal
Process: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\msiexec.exe is designed to perform highly dangerous activities in your computer without your permission. When this threat affected our server, the Avast Antivirus software reported the pop-up messages about this serious threat. We have deleted some temporary files from the hard disk but nothing happened.
Reason for Affection: The malicious threats such as affects your computer due to browsing unwanted Websites, Turning Off Windows Updates, Downloading files from some Websites which does not have SSL Server Certificate, clicking Pop-ups from some websites, Clicking on Attachments of Spam mails, avoiding custom installation and installing application from third-party websites.

Solution to remove Virus

 Update Anti-Virus software with latest definition then perform a Full System Scan
 Install and Run adwcleaner (Adware Cleaner) developed by Xplode
Remove extensions or add-on came from unknown sources from your Internet browsers
 Uninstall the Application which you have installed just before this infection.
Your Comments are important to enhance this article.

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